Goldwin Releases Sweater Knitted With Fabric Produced Through Microbial Fermentation

Goldwin announced, in a press release, it had created a sweater knitted entirely of fabric produced through microbial fermentation.

In the release, Goldwin made the following remarks:

“Fast fashion is among the leading contributors to climate change and one of the most ravenous industrial consumers of natural resources. It accounts for 8 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions globally and, according to researchers’ most recent estimates, generated 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016—more than all international flights and maritime freighter trips combined, according to Goldwin.

“On top of that, the fabrics predominantly used in fast fashion—polyester, nylon and other synthetics—are petroleum-based and shed microplastics, making them harmful to the environment and poorly suited for use as sustainable materials.

“Cotton, another commonly used fiber, is one of the most water-intensive crops in the world. All of this points to the conclusion that most traditional methods of clothing manufacturing are unsustainable, and clothing brands must take responsibility and do more to innovate and pivot towards more environmentally conscious materials and production methods.

“Today, international technical apparel brand, Goldwin, and biomaterial innovator, Spiber, announce the latest product of their partnership. Called simply The Sweater, it’s the world’s first knitted garment made with Brewed Protein, a biopolymer whose plant-based microbial fermentation process makes it well-positioned to deliver significant contributions to animal- and plastic-free initiatives in a range of fields and industries.

“The Sweater is a milestone in Goldwin and Spiber’s shared mission to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment by replacing traditional, petrochemical-based materials and production methods with innovative, biobased solutions.”

For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy Goldwin

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