Junior workers most nervous about return to the office

Mr Tindale said workplaces hadn’t quite returned to “normal” but conditions were improving.

“We are seeing an improvement in both optimism, return back to either hybrid or onsite [work] and general workforce confidence,” he said.

Premier Daniel Andrews has played down a return to the office in Victoria. Simon Schluter

It comes as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said working from home will be an ongoing feature in Victoria with businesses telling him that staff want a more flexible working week.

The Premier played down a quick return to city offices this year and said workers may decide to work remotely in different parts of the state.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of big employers allowing or not allowing. I think their workforces are going to send them a very, very clear message, that they have worked from home, it works for them, their productivity is just as good if not more, therefore that’s the flexibility, that’s something which people want to be a feature of their working week,” Mr Andrews said on Tuesday.

Mr Tindale said workforce confidence overall was starting to improve after a period of stagnation and was now at its highest level since early August.

“We’re an increase in general confidence of Australian professionals and we’re seeing that as being driven by more positive job confidence and career outlook, especially amongst more senior professionals which increased by about eight points,” he said.


Despite the improvement in overall workforce confidence, job seekers were less optimistic.

LinkedIn’s data found workers in lower socio-economic positions were more likely to turn to education to reskill during the pandemic while high-income earners were more likely to pivot their careers by starting their own business, moving to freelance or switching industries.

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