Where do you get dresses like ‘Queen’s Gambit’?

Beth Harmon faced a “sudden death.”

The fictional chess star won his childhood as an orphan, struggled with addiction to pills and alcohol, and was able to make it to the World Championships in Russia. The problem now? He had spent his money on clothes and could not afford his $ 3,000 trip to the biggest game of all time.

“You can give me a black dress,” Bethany’s friend suggests in the “Queen’s Combid” episode. “Or something purple.”

Beth laughs and denies both offers.

In a field dominated by men, thick glasses and inappropriate white button-down shirts, Beth Harmon is the epitome of style. Yes, he is a character created from the Walter Davis novel of the same name, now adorned by Gabriel Binder in a successful Netflix series. But somehow, he can broker an introduction from the world of chess to the world of fashion, which is a beautiful pair.

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